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Where Doctors look to find Office Space
Will Life Science, MOBs Aid Healthcare REIT Recovery in 2021?
Tether Advisors - 2021 Retail Healthcare Outlook
Medical clinics in
retail strips and shopping centers has accelerated in recent months asa result of the pandemic.
Healthcare REITs:
Vaccine Brings New Life
to many struggling healthcare REITs as the world is finally approaching a critical turning point in the fight against the coronavirus. Read more...
Healthcare Promotional Products
Top Sellers in HEALTHCARE
We have analyzed the top sellers and latest trends in this industry
Sell a Medical Bldg & Lease it Back
Read about:
How to Sell a Medical Building and Lease It Back
BY BETH YOUNG | Colliers International MARCH 2017
New Twist on Shared Space
According to a recent report from National Real Estate Investor, there’s a new twist to sharing medical office space: Renting just one office, for just the days or hours it’s needed or coworking medical office space. Read More...
6 Reasons Renting Medical Office Space May be Better Than Buying... Read More...
5 Common Mistakes
Do you know how to avoid mistakes when leasing medical office space for your practice? Do you know what the five most common mistakes are? Read More...
Medical Facilities at Retail Centers
Medical providers in retail spaces represent two compelling forces directing lives in the U.S. right now: Americans are spending more on health care, and want to do so in locations that are as convenient as they are safe.
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